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  • lecture starts now at 9:30


This lecture will be held in English.

Lecturer: Josef Weidendorfer


Virtualization Techniques (IN2125) (Lecture with exercise)

Duration4 SWS
TermWintersemester 2016/17
Position within curriculaSee TUMonline
DatesSee TUMonline

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see Module description IN2125


- Classification of Virtual Machines - Operating System Virtualization - ISA Virtualization - Interpretation - Binary Translation - Dynamic Optimization - Process Virtual Machines - high-Level Language Virtual Machines - HW/SW-Codesign Virtual Machines - System Virtual Machines - Multiprocessor Virtualization - Applications


Modul IN0004; Modul IN0009


The exam results are now available. If you want to have a look at your exam, send me an email. I will schedule a date for you. Possible dates are on Tuesday (14.3.) afternoon and Wednesday (15.3.) morning.

The written exam is on Wednesday, February 15, at 13:30 in 00.02.001 (MI HS 1, Friedrich L. Bauer). Please be there 10 minutes before exam start.


Duration: 90 minutes.

Important for the exam are parts 1 - 5, with slides up to number 28 (ballon driver) in System-VMs (part 5). An example exam from WS10/11 can be found here (current exam will be 90 minutes not 60 minutes as this one from WS10/11).


Date    Topic Links
Oct 19Organisation / Intro Slides General/Organization, Recording, Picture on VM discussion,
Oct 26Introduction Slides Introduction, Recording
Nov 2(cancelled) No lecture due to student plenary meeting
Nov 9ISA Emulation (1) From this date on, lectures starts at 9:30.
Slides ISA Emulation, Recording, Homework 1 Tasks
Nov 16ISA Emulation (2) Recording, Homework 2 Tasks, Example Solution in C
Nov 23Lab 1 Labs always start at 9:00
Task Sheet, Valgrind 3.12.0 Sources,
Observer Skeleton Patch, Tutorial
Nov 30ISA Emulation (3), ProcessVMs Slides Process-VMs, Recording
Dec 7(cancelled) No lectures: Dies academicus
Dec 14ProcessVMs (2) Recording
Dec 21HLL-VMs (1) Slides HLL-VMs, Recording
Jan 11Lab 2: JVM Starting at 9:00. Task Sheet, ByteCode Assembler (Jasmin), ByteCode Verifier, OpenJDK7 Sources
Jan 18HLL-VMs (2), SystemVMs (1) Slides System-VMs, Recording
Jan 25SystemVMs (2) Recording
Feb 1SystemVMs (3) Recording, Slides Multiprocs (not discussed)
Feb 8SystemVMs (4), Lab: SystemVMs Starting at 9:30. Lab after break, Task Sheet (with answers), Recording
Feb 15Exam13:30 in HS1 (please be there 10 minutes before start)

Student Presentations

Should be 15-20 min. Topics can be motivation/techniques/benchmarks of existing VM implementations, for example (also propose your own!):

  • related to Process-VMs: QEmu, Rosetta
  • related to HLL-VM: platform (bytecode) used in Python, .NET
  • related to System-VMs: Xen, KVM