Guest Lecture

This semester's "Cloud Computing" is lectured by guest professor Shajulin Benedict.

Cloud Computing (IN2073)

ArtVorlesung mit Übung
Umfang3 SWS
SemesterWintersemester 2016/17
Stellung in StudienplänenSiehe TUMonline
TermineSiehe TUMonline

Teilnahmekriterien & Anmeldung

Siehe TUMonlinePlease contact Prof. Benedict via e-mail ( if you want to participate. The regular registration process via TUMonline is not applicable.


1. Cloud Architecture and Models 1.1. Introduction 1.2. Base Technologies 1.3. Grid Computing and other computing techniques 1.4. System Models for Distributed and Cloud computing 1.5. Software environments for clouds 2. Virtualization concepts 2.1. Levels of Virtualization 2.2. VM Tools and mechanisms 2.3. Virtualization of CPU, Memory, and I/o devices 2.4. VM server consolidation 3. Cloud Infrastructure / Architectures 3.1. Design Challenges of Clouds 3.2. Public cloud platforms – GAE, AWS, Azure 3.3. Resource Management in Clouds 3.4. Security aspects of clouds 3.5. Storage aspects of clouds 4. Programming Models 4.1. Introduction to programming models 4.2. Mapreduce and Hadoop programming models 4.3. Programming support of GAE – Bigtable,GFS 4.4. Programming on Amazon EC2 – S3 and EBS 4.5. Cloud environments overview – Openstack, Aneka, and OpenNebula. 5. Future Technologies in Cloud 5.1. Workflows in cloud 5.2. Machine learning techniques in Cloud 5.3. HPC in cloud 5.4. HPC Cloud Applications and Performance Issues – Tools 5.5. Ubiquitous clouds and IoTs


Practical Lab Course

Accompanying this lecture, a practical lab course is offered.