Guest lecture on Cloud Capacity Management by Steve Wolter from Google

Steve Wolter from Munich branch of Google has given a lecture about Cloud Capacity Management on 22nd of January 2019 in the scope of Prof. Gerndt's lecture course in cloud computing.[mehr]


Research credits for Google Cloud Platform were provided to the project on wind flow simulations in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) using Cloud Computing.

Anshul Jindal from Professor Gerndt's research group in Cloud Computing and IoT received research credits worth 5000 USD to conduct the experiments in Google Cloud Platform for the project on wind flow simulations in...[mehr]


Vladimir Podolskiy to visit the University of Waikato, New Zealand in February 2019

he research stay focuses at the machine learning-based self-adaptive cloud[mehr]


1. Platz des Supervisory Awards

Prof. Gerndt wurde am Absolventenfest der Informatik Fakultät mit dem 1. Platz des Supervisory Awards ausgezeichnet. Diese Auszeichnung wurde von den Promovierenden des CeDoSIA Graduiertenzentrums für die hervorragende Betreuung...[mehr]