Research credits for AWS and Google Cloud Platform were provided to the Chair's project in Predictive Autoscaling


Ph.D. student Vladimir Podolskiy got the funding to conduct the experiments in AWS and Google Cloud Platform for his project in Predictive Autoscaling. Amazon provided research credits worth of 8 000 USD for its AWS services, whereas Google provided research credits worth of 5 000 USD for the services of Google Cloud Platform. The team of master students working with Vladimir on the Predictive Autoscaling Engine project uses these credits to evaluate the performance parameters of virtual machines and Kubernetes pods, also their start-up and termination times. The performance models will enable the derivation of the virtual infrastructure and cloud application configuration to cover for the anticipated load. Provided research credits will also be used to test the Predictive Autoscaling Engine in the real cloud environments after its completion.

Vladimir Podolskiy