Picture of Dai Yang

M.Sc. Dai Yang

Technical University of Munich

Informatics 10 - Chair of Computer Architecture and Parallel Systems (Prof. Schulz)

Postal address

Boltzmannstr. 3
85748 Garching b. München

Ph.D. Candidate, Informatics
Research Associate @ CAPS 
Acting System Administrator @ CAPS



Short CV

  • B.Sc. and M.Sc. Informatios @TUM (Minor: Mechanical Engineering)
  • 学士+硕士,慕尼黑工业大学
  • Sys/SW Engineering @ Airbus DS Electronics/HENSOLDT
    软件工程师, 空中客车防务与太空公司
  • IT Operations, also Neubau EntrepreneurshipCenter @ UnternehmerTUM
  • Various Advisory Work at Student Projects



Bachelor's Thesis: Emulation of VANET communication through virtualization of ECUs, Prof. Knoll, Dipl.-Ing. Manuel Schiller

Master's Thesis: Hazards from High System Entropy: An Explorative Analysis of Case Reports, Prof. Broy, Dr. Mario Gleirscher



Interdisiplinary Project, Guided Research

  • Design und Implementierung einer leichtgewichtigen fehlertoleranten Datenhaltungskomponente fuer HPC Systeme (Rosskopf)
  • Design und Implementierung eines Hardwareausfallsimulators am Beispiel eines Low-Budget IoT System (Jonischkeit)
  • Event Driven Sensor Data Processing for Embedded Systems (Kale)
  • Design and Implementation of a Portal for Visualization of HPC Workload Distribution (Podanev)

Invited Talks in Lectures:

  • Betriebsystem in der Spieleentwicklung (WS2017)
  • Einführung in die Rechnerarchitektur (WS2017)
  • Mikroprozessoren (WS2017, WS2018)
  • Lab Sessions: Virtualization Techniques (WS2018)

Practical Course:

  • Advanced Topics in Computer Architecture and Parallel Systems (WS2018)
  • Systemnahe Programmierung bei der Spieleentwicklung (WS2017)


  • Seminar: Trending Topics in HPC (WS2018, WS2019)
  • Seminar: Rechnertechnik in der Raumfahrt (SS2018, SS2019)
  • Proseminar: Mehrkernarchitektur (SS2017)
  • Seminar und Proseminar: Geschichte der Rechnerarchitektur (SS2017, SS2018, SS2019)
  • Seminar: Virtualisierungstechnik (SS2017)

Student Tutor:

  • Vorkurs Mathematik fuer Informatik


Reviewer, Paper Referee

  • COSH18,19
  • ARCS 2018
  • ISC 2018
  • IPDPS 2018
  • Computer Frontier 17
  • PARCO 17
  • IEEE Transaction on Parallel and Distributed Systems 2017

Conference and Workshop Organization

  • SERESSA 2017, Local Organization Chair & Web Chair
  • CompSpace 2018, Chair & PC
  • CompSpace 2019, Chair & PC

Further Information

For further information please check my LinkedIn page at here